Batter fried squid15,50€
Mussels in sauce Perales from “Fangar”11.00€
Cuttlefish in dice15,50€
Sea nettles 18.00€
Fied Brie cheese (4u)12.00€
Sardine skewers12.00€
Fried anchovies12.00€
Fried small fish14.00€
Small squid17.50€
Octopus of rock Perales grandfather style18,00€
Vegetable Tempura 10.00€
Toasted baked vegetables with anchovies10.00€
Toasted tomato bread with smoked eel10.00€
French fries5,00€
Spicy french fries (Patates bravas)8,00€
Garlic and oil sauce or mayonnaise2.50 €
Romesco sauce3.00€
Spyci sauce3.00€
Oliven 2.50 €
Stuffed olives3.50 €
Bread0.50 €
Bread with tomato2.00 €
chips ( potatoen on bag)1.50 €
Steamed mussels11.00 €
Mussels in sauce14.00 €
Purple dye murex with romesco sauce16.00 €
Razor clams au naturel12.00 €
Flambéed dublin bay small prawns from Delta del Ebre21.00€
Clams fisherman style18.00 €
Oysters from l’Ampolla15.00 €
Grilled prawns17.00 €
Flambéed dublin bay prawns 18.50€