Our Food

The Perales Restaurant’s cuisine continues to be faithful to the family tradition of cooking with firewood, making traditional cuisine and with quality products. The quality of our products desreves to be highlighted as the majority of food served at our restaurant comes from organic farming: onions, garlic, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, calçots, olives that come from our own crop and the oil is made in a traditional mill.

The most popular dishes are paella and fideuà. Each paella served in the restaurant is made with it’s own sofrito. One of the specialities is the seafood paella, made with fresh fish stock, adding only cuttlefish, prawns and mussels making a really exquiste dish. Our secret is to cook with fresh high quality products in a traditional way.

On the menu you can find all kinds of salads, meat (beef, lamb, chicken, rabbit…) cooked on the grill with firewood, seafood (mussels, razor clams, clams, oysters from the Delta, prawns, shrimps,…) and fish (sole, monkfish, hake, turbot, …), You should ask Núria to recommemd the fresh fish of the day. Finally we will highlight our seasonal cuisine, where in the winter you can enjoy our famous calçots and artichokes cooked on the grill.