There, where the colour green from the pine trees mixes with the blue from the sea, we find this restaurant opened in 1972 by the Perales family. Joan and Maria, at the end of the 60s set up a small bar-restaurant in this area of Cap Roig, which was cultivation land, practiclly virgen and without any urbanitzation. The beginnings were difficult, there was no electricity and the food was cooked with a fire on the floor. The first clients of the bar-restaurant were people from the region, who came in the summer from El Perelló by hourse and cart to spend a fortnight  camping under the carob trees and found this a place to eat and drink. Later on, the first tourists arrived and the small bar-restaurant was remodeled and extended.

Perales’ family eldest son Joan started to run the restaurant with his parents and, later, it was their other son Marc, whom continued the family business. Currently Marc the chef, with his wife Núria take run the restaurant.

In 2010 they started remodeling where an exterior terrace was expanded, respecting the entire frontal pine tree area, the roof was also renovated and a new dinning room was built with large windows keeping the sea views, allowing a comfortable meal both in the summer as in the winter, and thus to have a much more elegent table service.

To complete the renovation of the service area in 2014 indoor toilets were created having the celebrations and low-season in mind. A new bar-cafe space was also designed with a sun terrace that is warm in the winter and breezy in the summer, a place for the best cocktails.